Pre-Fabricated Jacketing System

The pre-fabricated jacketing is supplied in 914mm sections with a modified Pittsbug Z-lock on the longitudinal seam. Unless specified, the section comes with a bead on one side to prevent water from seeping into the insulation.

The standard thickness of our jacketing system is 0.4mm. Other thicknesses are available upon request. Our pre-fabricated jacketing is supplied with a Polykraft moisture barrier to prevent moisture and corrosives in the insulation from coming into contact with the metal jacketing surface thus causing galvanic or chemical corrosion.

Each section comes complete with a stainless steel T-304 strapping band of 13mm width and a stainless steel wing seal.

Polykraft Moisture Barrier

Polykraft moisture barrier consists of one layer of 1-mil polyethylene film with a layer of 40lb. natural kraft paper. The moisture barrier is heat and pressure bonded to the full width and length of the metal.